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Everyone Lives a Different Story

One size house does not fit all. You might not want a 2-story 5 bedroom home if it's you and your 11 year-old Basset Hound.  Or perhaps you're suddenly expecting triplets (surprise!) and in desperate need of a massive nursery space as well as a sizable yard for that bird feeders collection?  Or maybe it's all those rescue kitties that your spouse keeps bringing home that are demanding more room to play in their elevated cat tunnels?  Or just maybe you need to be able to quickly escape for a run or ride on nearby trails?

In any case, I know that your living situation is unique to your family and the personalities of each and everyone in your family.  I won't try and make you fit into something that won't work for you.  I want to hear your story.  Tell me about the sound-proofing you need for your teenager's room.  Talk to me about Grammy's need for more light and less stairs.  I want to hear about your running partner Pongo's sensitive paws and need for a run without hot concrete.

I want to get to know who makes up your family, what they love, and what really gets under their skin. Everyone lives a different story; help me get to know yours and I can help figure out how to find you home rather than just a house.

A house is just a house.  Let's find you home.

Tell me your story

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